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Youth Protection Program

The Diocese of Birmingham has long recognized that children, youth and other vulnerable persons can be at risk from certain individuals present in every community. Individuals who for whatever reason, prey on those weaker than themselves.We recognize that whenever children and youth are out of their parent’s direct care they are especially at risk. In 1991 a set of policies and procedures were promulgated to help ensure that Catholic institutions and programs would be as safe as possible from those seeking to harm minors. Training sessions were implemented to prepare staff and volunteers to continue their ministries in safe and healthy ways, and to properly respond and report allegations of suspected child abuse.

Policies, procedures and training continue to change and grow as the needs of Catholic institutions have changed.  Currently the Diocese of Birmingham requires adults who work with children or youth in a Catholic institution to complete a Youth Protection 1(YP1) training course and to submit a Volunteer Inquiry Form to complete a background check.  


The Birmingham Diocese utilizes Virtus Online for both the background check and the YP1 training.  Both are free and complete the YP1 training requirement (background check has no end date and the YP1 training is valid for 3 years).


Steps for completing the Diocese of Birmingham YP1 requirement for Mercy Parish:


1. Complete the on-line YP1 training course through Virtus Online

2. Complete a background check form through Virtus Online.  If preferred, a hard copy of the background check form can be completed (Volunteer Inquiry Form) and returned to the Parish Office.  However, it is recommended that the form be completed on-line.   Email with any questions or issues completing the background check on-line.

On-line website (please click on the link and follow registration instructions):

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