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Time & Talent

We may or may not have highly specialized talents, but we each have a unique skill set. Many of our skills might seem simple and ordinary and yet they are ours to give and share with others.


We are called by God to help others and do good for our community, to love and serve one another with these skills. As we start our Parish we will be looking for individuals to help with our ministries. Your help with these ministries is needed to build our Parish.


Every Catholic is called to be involved in the ministry and service of Christ to others. The ministries of the parish are not the only ways we serve Christ; but the parish gives witness to who Christ is and how His followers are to live in this world.

Your Talent is Needed at Mercy Parish

We want to know how you want to be involved.  Please take a few moments to complete this time and talent survey below and someone will be in touch with you. When completing the survey please fill out one survey for each person in your family that is interested in participating in a ministry.

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