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Agape Ministry


Agape Ministry is calling all Leads! As most of you know, Agape is a time of fellowship following Sunday's 8:30am Mass. It's a great way to bring parishioners together, welcome new members, and fuel the kids before they head to class. The Pastoral Council suggested that each ministry sign up to host one Agape a year to provide an opportunity to promote your ministry and be more visible to the folks who may not be aware of all that you do behind the scenes.

Hosting consists of the following:

  1. Have your members sign up to bring snack items (donuts, muffins, savory items, cookies, etc.) and drinks (orange juice, juice boxes, lemonade, etc.). Have them deliver the items to the kitchen before Mass.

  2. Have everyone meet in the kitchen following Closing Prayer to prepare to serve. Weather permitting, we will bring the items outside. Otherwise, when Mass ends, we will bring out the tables of refreshments and set up in the multipurpose hall.

  3. Serve and clean up.

If you would like to sign up, please click on this link.

Any questions - please contact

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