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Mercy Parish funding categories & Diocesan building process

Mercy Parish Funding Categories

Mercy Parish has three funding categories – regular offertory donations, the Building Fund, and the Capital Campaign.

Regular (offertory) donations fund the day-to-day operation of the Parish, and these funds are taxed by the diocese (13.5% starting August 1, 2021). 
Building Fund pays for repairs and additions to our current buildings and grounds.  

Donations to the Capital Campaign are used strictly to build our new church. 

The Building Fund and Capital Campaign Fund are not taxed by the Diocese, so 100% of the donations SPECIFICALLY DESIGNATED to those funds stay at Mercy.  Surplus money from the Regular Offertory donations and Building Fund donations can be transferred to the Capital Campaign and much of the  previous Capital Campaign funding has been generated this way.  This is due to Mercy’s low monthly expenditures, because we have so many tireless volunteers who keep our parish running so efficiently.

Diocesan Building Process

The Birmingham Diocese has a process in place for major parish construction.  The rules are:  
A parish (along with architects, engineers or contractors) must define a design and cost for construction.

Once the design/cost has been determined, the parish must raise 50% of that cost.

The Diocese will then approve the design/cost and lend the remaining 50% to the parish.  This loan will be an adjustable-rate loan.   Any loan taken out for any parish must be from the Diocese.
This loan must be paid off before any other loans will be approved.

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