Mercy Parish Capital Campaign Goal

Mercy Parish is Amazing!

Thanks to our generous Parish family, we have reached our current Phase II fundraising goal of $800,000 – two months early! THANK YOU! We have achieved this through generous Capital Campaign donations and through surpluses to our Weekly Envelope and Building Fund donations (thanks to the many volunteers who work tirelessly to staff our Parish). It is the completion of the first step on our journey that began August 1, 2020, to raise $2.5M over three years, a step that will allow us to select an architect and move forward in the process to design our new church. Now it’s time to set our sights on our next step – to raise $900K over the coming year (Jun 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022). Check out the progress toward this new goal in the gathering area. You can contribute to our endeavor in another important way – place your suggestions for what YOU want to see in our new church in the Construction Committee Suggestion Box in the vestibule. Any idea is welcome! For more information, please visit our Capital Campaign page on the Mercy Parish website. Most importantly, continue to pray for Mercy Parish and our future together as a parish family!


For our registered Parish members, you can make your contributions by clicking on this link.

Scroll to the Capital Campaign area where you can select an amount, a frequency (e.g., one

time, monthly, weekly), and the start date.  Or you can use the capital campaign envelope or

mail the check to the parish.

For our non-member donors, you can make contributions by clicking on the Donate button.

Thank you for continuing your generous support of Mercy Parish! Please consider filling out

our Parish registration form and officially becoming part of our Parish Family.


To find out about other ways to donate to the Mercy Parish Capital Campaign, such as

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) and stock donations, please click here.   

Mercy parishioners have made many gifts over the past five years – prayer gifts, volunteer

gifts and financial gifts.  Our Parish is blessed by every gift!