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Mercy Parish Capital Campaign Goal

Capital Campaign Update
First Step of our Next Step

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Mercy Parish is amazing in so many ways, not the least of which is the way we support our Parish financially.

In the past year, we:

  • Paid off all loans from the purchase of the rectory and the construction of our Multipurpose Building.

  • Met our 2020 2021 capital campaign goal of $800,000 two months early.

  • AND already achieved the first $100,000 towards the $900,000 2021-2022 goal.

This money is part of our $2.5 million, 3-year goal to fund pre-construction items (e.g., architectural fees) as we move forward in the process to build our church and new religious education classrooms. At this time, Parish ministries are determining the requirements for this new facility, and we are nearing the time when we will hire an architect to lead the design process. While the actual Church may not be completed for years, the process begins today!

Have you ever wondered how the Capital Campaign money is generated? Mercy Parish has three funding categories – regular offertory donations, the Building Fund, and the Capital Campaign. Regular donations fund the day-to-day operation of the Parish, and these funds are taxed by the diocese (13.5% starting August 1, 2021). The Building Fund pays for repairs and additions to our current buildings and grounds. Donations to the Capital Campaign are used strictly to build our new church. To help us in our process to build our new church building, the Building Fund and Capital Campaign Fund are not taxed by the Diocese, so 100% of the donations SPECIFICALLY DESIGNATED to those funds stay at Mercy. Surplus money from the regular offertory donations and building fund donations can be transferred to the Capital Campaign, and some of the CC funding has been generated this way - due to our many tireless volunteers who keep our parish running so efficiently! Your continued financial support - through weekly envelopes, building fund contributions, and donations to the Capital Campaign - will bring our goal of a church so much closer!


For our registered Parish members, you can make your contributions online by clicking on this link. Or you can use the capital campaign envelope or mail the check to the parish

For our non-member donors, you can make contributions by clicking on the “Donate” button below. Thank you for continuing your generous support of Mercy Parish! Please consider filling out our Parish registration form and officially becoming part of our Parish Family.

To find out about other ways to donate to the Mercy Parish Capital Campaign, such as Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) and stock donations, please clicking on this link.

Mercy parishioners have made many gifts over the past five years prayer gifts, volunteer gifts and financial gifts Our Parish is blessed by every gift!

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