Mercy Parish Updated Capital Fund Raising Goal

We Did It!

The Diocesan Loans are paid in full!


The Mercy Parish Finance Council, Pastoral Council, and Capital Campaign Committee would like to thank all of the Mercy Parish members and supporters for their phenomenal financial support over the last 4 years.


As of August 1, all of the buildings on the Mercy Parish property as well as the Rectory on Dove Drive are totally paid off. 

Our loan amount due to the Diocese is officially $0.  YAY!!!!


A natural question at this point is ‘What’s next?’   Well, the Church, of course!


To that end, representatives from the Pastoral and Finance Councils and the Capital Campaign and Building Committees met to determine the next steps towards building the Church. Our new goal is to raise $800,000 over the next year to cover the start-up costs for the new Church (architectural fees, grounds preparation, etc). 


Obviously, this is just the beginning of greater things to come, and Mercy still needs your help to continue the growth of our Parish. Please prayerfully consider your continued generosity to the Capital Campaign Fund - Nothing is possible without your continued generosity.

For our registered Parish members, you can make your contributions by clicking on this link.  Scroll to the Capital Campaign area where you can select an amount, a frequency (e.g., one time, monthly, weekly), and the start date.  Or you can use the capital campaign envelop or mail the check to the parish.

For our non-member donors, you can make contributions by clicking on this Donate button.  Thank you for continuing your generous support of Mercy Parish! Please consider filling out our Parish registration form and officially becoming part of our Parish Family!


In the meantime enjoy the moment, raise a glass, and offer a toast to the success of our past four years!


God has surely blessed us with his presence and with a parish family that is faith-filled and generous!

Thank you!

Most Merciful Jesus Catholic Church

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