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Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

Dear family, the Limestone Correctional Facility is asking again for our help with Indigent Hygiene items and Food Items for the inmates. As a result, Mercy Parish will be doing a collection of the following items on the weekend of December 5th. We will have a box in the gathering area for the collection. Here are the items:

Indigent Hygiene

1) Deodorant

2) Shampoo/Body Wash (clear bottles)

3) Tooth Brushes

4) Bars of Soap

5) Disposable Razors

Food Items

1) Cases of Snack Crackers (Assorted flavors)

2) Ramen Noodles Soups

3) Cases of Chips (Assorted flavors)

4) Honey Buns/Snack Cakes

5) Candy Bars/Hard Candy

God bless you and thank you for your help

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