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Jesus and the Eucharist

Jesus and the Eucharist
Jesus and the Eucharist: A Small Group Series for Eucharistic Revival

Have you been looking to increase or affirm your understanding of our Catholic faith?

If so, join me for a seven-week journey as we do just that, using the same study series that parishes across our nation are experiencing during this year of the Eucharistic Revival.

Our 1st session focused on “Our Story” and how we relate to God through His love for us. Our next session “Who is Jesus” focuses on his person, as fully God and fully man and the Paschal Mystery.

Please join us as we delve deeper into our faith. You don’t need to attend all sessions to participate.

All sessions are on Monday evenings, this coming session is on January 29th, at 6:30pm in the Holy Family Hall at Mercy Parish.

Deacon Ken

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